Eir Debug SDK

Win32 debug toolchain that supports per-module page heaps, allocation callstacks and more.

Use this toolchain to fight the worst of the worst heap corruption errors. It was created to find memory corruption when dealing with custom types and optimizations in a custom Lua library. This SDK is much lighter than Win32 native page heaps because you get to decide which memory is pipelined into it (minus all the stuff inside Win32 DLLs that is safe anyway).

Recommended Compiler: Visual Studio 2019

Learn more on how to use this code here.


The following projects are required to compile eirdebug, placed in the same location as the debugsdk folder.

Using eirdebug

If you want to use this code in your own project you are meant to create a “vendor” directory in which you perform a “check-out” of it along with the listed dependencies. Here is a tutorial on how to set up your SVN repository.

  • Recommended vendor name: debugsdk